About me

Hi! My name is Brady Taylor. I'm a FAA commercially licensed Drone pilot based out of Holland, Michigan. In my free time I enjoy playing Golf and Tennis, following Formula 1 racing, watching the NFL, playing video games, and spending time with Friends and Family. My journey with Aerial Photography/Videography started in August of 2020. And I've been all in since then!


Some services I offer are picture prints of my existing Gallery, high quality digital downloads of pictures in my Gallery, and specialized shoots. A specialized shoot would include a variety of photos/video of your property. All shoots are priced and conducted at a case by case basis. Please contact me at the email down below to work out an agreement for a specialized shoot. Prints are printed via Unitprints then shipped them directly to you. Downloads are sent via Google Drive where you can get the highest quality photos and use them however you like. To get a print or a download image email me at taylorproductionsinfo@gmail.com.



To check out my skill level and experience with Aerial photography look at the Gallery of photos on this webpage. These photos are the standard quality you get when booking with me. For video go to my YouTube channel here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCplvfatW5s2wZc4N5HWQA_g/videos . Another great place to follow me on my journey is Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bradytaylorphotos/ . Go check out my great work!

To contact me for any reason email me at taylorproductionsinfo@gmail.com